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1. Scope & Limitations

Scope & Limitations

Computer : basic block diagram of computer (input–output, ALU, control unit, main memory, auxiliary memory with address, control and data lines (buses). Function of each block.

Input devices : keyboard, mouse, light pen, MICR, optical scanner. 

Output devices :  dot matrix printer, ink jet printer, x-y plotter, COM (computer output microfilm)

Memory : main memory-RAM (static & dynamic), ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM

Secondary memory : floppy disk, hard disk, compact disc (CD ROM), magnetic tape, general explanation with read/write mechanism.

Specifications of a PC: clock frequency, main memory (RAM), secondary storage device (HDD), input-output ports, keyboard, monitor, processor, printer, mouse, floppy disk devices, CD drive, Modem, multimedia kit with sound blaster. Cache memory, requirements of UPS .